I deeply enjoyed the weekend: it opened me in many ways and softened those crunchy bits inside that were ready to melt… SO much gratitude for being part of the FIELD and aligning with its pulse!

I am back at the office today and everything is so different. What used to be important isn’t, edges are rounded off, conversations are flowing more freely and relationships are warmer. It’s as if there is less of me and them, and more of US.


It is very beautiful the way you teach, all the wisdom that you have, your experience, your clarity, your sense of humor, how you create the dance floor as a sacred space and how you look after every dancer.

My personal experience of Deborah is that she is a master teacher; insightful, curious, compassionate, humorous, grounded and most importantly, fully, delightfully and humbly human.

Field of love for me is being willing to suspend judgements of myself or others, whether collectively presumably right or definitely wrong. It’s about knowing and choosing what’s important to me. It’s about being the change and engaging in expansive, heart opening dialog conversations.

I know Deborah as a woman with the ability to connect with the person she works in a soft and deep way. She gives enough time to build up trust and supports in difficult inquiries. But what is the most important thing for me – she does that with a deep love.

I’ve worked with Deborah a lot in groups, but spending private time with her remains precious to me as the work done during that time has informed who i am today. And i am deeply grateful for that. If you’re looking for a Soul to Soul connection that is going to be a catalyzer for a transformational experience, then “Just Me” retreats with Deborah in amazing Findhorn is one of the best things you can offer yourself.

I attended Deborah’s Embracing Change workshop a few weeks ago and it was exactly what I needed. Deborah skilfully moved us through the internal chaos that can accompany change to a place where we could tap into our resources, a great help with facing change and with everyday challenges. Her gentleness and grounded presence made this journey so much easier. I would certainly recommend her work. Go for it!

I am so grateful for the deepness of your work and all that has moved and healed inside me.

With Deborah’s warm hearted guidance and support, I was able to explore, with curiosity and trust, different aspects of myself. It was such a pleasure being in the presence of supportive, courageous, inquisitive women, sharing this journey together.

Your personal wisdom and refreshing insights coupled with your joyful ability to play is an inspiration. We were in the hands of a master during Embracing Change.

Essentially, I have been deepened and reawakened  into a bright loving wholeness beyond words.

I recovered some trust in my capacity to listen to and explore what is authentic in my dance.

I noticed a natural, authentic translation between movement inside and movement outside. I welcomed and felt acceptance for movement to come in any form, any rhythm, at any time and experienced fewer distracting thoughts of what I ‘should’ be doing or how I ‘should’ be moving. It felt coherent. My energy felt continuous and fluid which resulted in a deep, constant connection to body, feeling, movement and spirit. If I did start to disconnect I was very aware of it and it was easy to bring my attention back inwards.

It was an amazing week, from which I emerge resplendent with the nourishment my body and spirit have received …, from the group and from within. 

I could really see how your knowledge, ability to adapt, kindness and sensitivity created a safe container for everyone to feel their existing patterns in relationship and also explore new forms of relationship.

I want to thank you for an incredible weekend. I have never gone to such depth nor experienced such openness….I have renewed respect for what you do.

Thank you for another deep and wonderfully healing and nurturing (individual) session. The words that you say, too, are like these gentle yet razor sharp insights. ….. Today’s session served me so very well.

The workshop was energetically clean and done in beauty.


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I want to tell you your workshop has been very important for me. It’s the first time in my life I dance sleeping in my bed but not in my dreams. I mean physically while I was receiving information at night. Your workshop has been a present for me, Jewels for incorporating in my life.