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'Just Me' Retreats

Bespoke retreats in the heart of northeast Scotland

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‘Just Me’ retreats offer in-depth private sessions in a stunning location to reveal the essential you. Using the transformational nature of dance and movement, one-to-one sessions offer an ‘in the moment’ experience. This changes your state of being and frees your energy, whilst giving you skills to sustain these shifts in your daily life.


“(A Just Me Retreat) was a great gift to myself. It is a big investment, but it is worth it. It’s hard to find such a thing as this, not getting disturbed by my daily life, by my surroundings, the people in my surroundings. It’s a flowing process. It’s really worthwhile.”
Angela Brekelmans, Holland

 ‘Just Me’ retreats are a long term investment, providing:

  • A meaningful experience that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, lighter,focused, joyful, loving and connected to yourself and the universal source of energy.
  • Help to make dynamic changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life.
  • Specific guidance to implement these changes in a tangible way.

Moray Firth

"While working with Deborah is similar to coaching in terms of the way we talk, the movement aspect is different - trusting the intelligence of the body and emotions. This is unique compared to what millions of other coaches out there are offering in the field of human development." 
Christopher Batchelder, Dubai

"My time with Deborah in one-on-one movement process restored my creative intelligence and regenerated my body from the level of Soul. I am grateful for her fine attunement. Deborah can identify what is neglected and track it back home into integration for life congruence. The result is wholeness and gratitude."
Stephanie Mines, PhD

The special environment and atmosphere that this level of work requires is crucial to move through the layers of distraction
that are the norm for most people. In a beautiful setting nestled in a natural environment ‘Just Me’ retreats take place Monday to Friday and are tailor made to each individual. This ensures the maximum benefits are achieved. As well as private sessions with myself, a ‘Just Me’ retreat offers ample time for resting, meditation, walking, reading and massage.

Comfortable accommodation and organic, locally sourced food will also be provided.

Please contact a member of the Vital Moves team on to arrange your free 45 minute Inquiry Session with me.

Work with Bea 7"When you’re doing a Retreat, there’s no escape in between the sessions. You just get to really be fully present with whatever comes up and go deeper. You drop a layer. You get out of your own old body, a whole skin. I have changed my energy, there is no going back."
Simone Pereira, Dubai

" It's been one hell of a journey and I thank you for your patience, perseverance, and whole heartedness, I feel extremely privileged."
Kathy Hewitt, Scotland