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Join Deborah Jay-Lewin in Findhorn and across the globe to experience the transformational nature of dance and movement.
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3Bespoke Sessions

Whether you’re looking for a tailor-made retreat in a stunning location or regular private sessions from the sanctity of your living room, find out more about Deborah’s ‘Just Me’ Retreats and one-to-one sessions.


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Heading to Cork

I’m on a bus from Dublin to Cork.  I am preparing myself for 12 days of working 12 hours a day with some of the most creative and stimulating people I am privileged to know, at Module 2 of the Open Floor training, European track. Simultaneously, I am taking in the countryside knowing this is […]



Music Track of the Month ~ July


I noticed a natural, authentic translation between movement inside and movement outside. I welcomed and felt acceptance for movement to come in any form, any rhythm, at any time and experienced fewer distracting thoughts of what I ‘should’ be doing or how I ‘should’ be moving. It felt coherent.…

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